Ibutton reader and collector

NS7x are portable iButton collector devices, that eliminate the need to take ibuttons to a PC.

The device reads the data stored in the iButton memory and stores it in a SD memory. Afterwards data can be downloaded to the PC.

There are two versions available:


NS70 (ibutton collector)


NS70 requires using IGest software.

Ibutton data will be stored in the memory card and can only be exported to IGest.

The device Works only in mode 0, meaning that every time an ibutton is downloaded a new mission is started (read NS71 info in order to check other modes of operation).

The device will initialize the new mission with the same parameters of the previous one, that is, with the parameters defined in the register control memory.

NS71 (ibutton collector and report generator)


The NS71 is a portable iButton collector device with built in report generator. The device collects the data stored in the iButton data log memory and generates a report in HTML format, that is then stored in a SD CARD.


NS71 eliminates the need to use an ibutton software to program or view ibutton data.

Data will be stored in a html report.

Each download will generate one html report.

The device can operate in three different modes:


Mode 0: stops mission > downloads data > starts a new mission

Mode 1: downloads data

Mode 2: stops mission > downloads data


A txt file contained inside the SD card enables the user to configure the following parameters:


Mode of operation: (0,1,2)

Roll over: (enabled/disabled)

Resolution: (high/low)

Start delay: (in minutes)

Sample rate: (in minutes)



Compatible with:







RTC Synchronization option for NS71


Upon request, the NS71 can be supplied with a DS1904L RTC. With this extra feature, having the RTC inserted in the NS71 socket the device will synchronize the ibutton RTC with the external RTC every time a new mission is started. This way it is possible to maintain minimal ibutton RTC deviation. The report will also indicate the time at which an ibutton was downloaded.





External RTC