NS-1200P Monitoring during transport



Having very small dimensions, this handheld system is ideal for portable and mobile applications. It can be easily transported inside a hand bag or in the glove compartment of a vehicle.

The module can work either in an autonomous mode or simultaneously with the IGest Software.

In the autonomous mode the loggers are programmed directly by the handheld system with a pre-defined sample rate.

When working simultaneously with the software, the loggers are programmed by the software (the user can configure the sample rate), the handheld system is now used only for printing the reports. At the end, the whole data is downloaded and stored in the software database.
















































































Compatible with the following loggers:




                          Technical Data








































Text Box:

USB reader—Start mission in a computer


1º Step Start Mission

2º Step Logging

3º Step Stop Mission


NS-1200P (autonomous mode)

Fleet Optimization

Use NS-1200P to start a new mission

Report printing at

product delivery

Report printing at

product delivery

Data download

Use NS-1900P to stop the running mission