LARUS is a remote temperature and humidity monitoring equipment. The equipment is compatible with several type of sensors/nodes, including the NS51 radio interface which works with Thermochron ibuttons.

LARUS has been designed to be an autonomous temperature monitoring tool.

After configuring all necessary parameters, the software will operate without the need of human intervention.




• Wireless temperature logging

• PDF, XLS and html reports

• Report emailing feature

• Automatic report scheduling

• Email & SMS alerts



• Remote control of electrical devices

• Node pinpoint on map

• Battery indicator

• RF Signal strength indicator

Automatic report scheduling


The system may be configured to periodically generate reports. Frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) and time of the day may be specified. Automatic backups may also be configured.



Email & SMS alerts



The user can establish temperature limits, and configure sms or email alerts so that whenever temperature gets outside those limits LARUS will send an alert to the specified user.

LARUS may also notify the user should temperature gets back into the specified limits.


Communication failure

When activated, will notify the user whenever LARUS fails to communicate with a node. A communication failure may mean that a node is not transmitting due to batteries failure, or node got out of range.


Low battery

When activated, will notify the user that battery charge is low.



Remote control of electric devices


The user may specify temperature or humidity limits from which an electric device will turned ON/OFF.




Having an electric heater connected to a NSA50 wireless relay, the user may configure LARUS to turn the heater on when temperature gets below 18ēC and turn it off after temperature reaches 22ēC.