Text Box: IGest

IGest software, is a  tool for management of temperature and humidity records, specially designed to be used with the Dallas-Maxim® loggers.


Transport and storage of sensitive products 
HACCP implementation
Pharmaceutical industry
Certified laboratories
Transport and storage of art works

Fleet Optimization

Available when the software is used with the  NS-1200P in a transport mission.

This feature allows the user to access date and time at which the reports were printed. This way it is possible to know the time took for each delivery.




























New Mission—Configuration panel



Characteristics :


· Configuration of mission parameters such as, sample rate, initial delay, resolution and temperature alarms

· Graphical view of collected data

· Includes tables for drivers, storage/pick up and delivery places

· Allows the insertion of information on the stored records, such as, vehicle licence plate, transport reference or any other relevant information

· Possibility of exporting the stored data to Excel

· Reports in PDF and hmtl

· Possibility to import missions that have been initiated in another software/hardware (suchas NS70 ibutton collector)

· Fleet optimization functionality (when used along with the portable printer NS-1200P)

· Search filters

· Email reports

· Auto-program mode, can be used to reprogram up to 12 ibittons at the same time



Newshift’s new iButton reader enables to re-program up to 12 ibuttons with a simple mouse click. All ibuttons are programmed with the same configurations of the previous mission. Apart of programming the ibuttons, the user can also configure certain tasks that will be automatically performed, such tasks include report generation, report printing or email sending.



Compatible with the following loggers:



DS1922L/T/E      Technical data